1. Black Metal . (Psychological Drama) Synopsis- After uncovering her tragic beginnings, a teenage metal musician rejects her adoptive parents and goes in search of her mysterious birth mother.



2. The Darkest Side of the Rainbow. (Horror, Fantasy) Synopsis- A nightmarish retelling of L. Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz, about conspiracy and mind control.



1. The Isle of Purgatorio. (Horror, Fantasy, Young Adult Drama) Synopsis- A troubled teen attempts to end her life but instead wakes to find herself stranded on a strange island. She is taken to a religious sanctuary where she learns that she has passed into the realm of purgatory, but the real secrets of the island are far more sinister than she could ever imagine. Note: I am currently polishing a revision draft of this feature.



1. The Family. (Psychological Horror, Drama) Synopsis- A girl joins a commune in order to escape her home life, but she soon comes to discover that her new family is more dangerous than her old one. 7 episodes.


I have written over 50 short screenplays. Mainly only my fairytale adaptions have been produced at this time.

Here is a LIST of titles and log-lines from my scripts that are CURRENLTY UN-PRODUCED. My personal favorites are starred with an asterisk.

*1. All The Way Alive (or ATWA). (Drama, Thriller) Synopsis- In 1969 Los Angeles, members of a cult induct a new devotee into their ranks with a dangerous game that leads to unexpected consequences.

*2. Hitchcock on a Train. (Comedy) Synopsis- A group of disgruntled film industry players attempt to assassinate Alfred Hitchcock in a number of inventive ways. But will the Master of Suspense manage to ouwit them?

*3. White Silk. (Psychological Horror, Fantasy) Synopsis- Set in Victorian England and told through a series of letters from a fragile woman to her wealthy cousin, the woman confesses to the odd and baffling reasons that she was sent to a mental institution.

4. The Shady Acres Bingo Mutiny of 1977. (Comedy) Synopsis- A group of old timers attempt to end a righteous nurses reign in their assisted living facility.

5. Skunk Baby. (Young Adult, Comedy) Synopsis- In the early 1800’s, a good-humored but head-strong Native American girl rebels against her parents after her mother tries to rope her into an arranged marriage.

*6. Virgin Glass. (Horror) Synopsis- A babysitter has a life changing encounter while watching a child in a house made almost entirely of glass. 

7. Your Face on a Milk Carton. (Young Adult) Synopsis- A teenager gets some unexpected help from her family in dealing with the mean girl at her school.

8. Obsidian. (Thriller) Synopsis- A captain of a sinking boat filled with drugs enlists a nearby vessel to save its passengers from drowning. But strained relationships and lies prove more dangerous to everyone on board than expected.

*9.The Darling Monster of Ravenswood. (Horror) Synopsis- In the 1940’s at the legendary Ravenswood Castle, a spoiled child drives her parents to tears until a clever nanny joins their employ.

10. Idolatry. (Comedy, Sci-Fi) Synopsis- In 1983 three extraterrestrials travel to earth with a single mission- to bring back the DNA of earth’s most popular actors. Only one heroic man can save the planet, he is punk rocker Billy Idol.

11. Mad, Crazy, Batty. (Comedy, Sci-Fi) Synopsis- A elderly woman with a habit of compulsive lying helps a little girl solve a problem that no else will believe.

12. Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary. (Comedy, Fantasy) Synopsis- A woman finds herself trapped in a life-sized doll house and at the mercy of a precarious child. 

13. Memento Mori. (Sci-Fi) Synopsis- A woman tries to fix her life by going back in time with disastrous consequences. 

14. Mimsy’s Menagerie. (Fantasy) Synopsis- A virtuous little girl with a love for glass figurines meets an evil monster in the park and must figure out how to defeat him.


*15. The Real Winston. (Mystery, Comedy) Synopsis- In 1930’s England, three men on a train discover they all have a peculiar similarity about them that could get them killed. Can they unravel the mystery before the clock runs out?

*16. The Snow Globe. (Comedy, Fantasy) Synopsis- A young woman becomes obsessed with following the life of figurine in a snow globe, but voyeurism can be deadly.

17. A Murder of Crows. (Fantasy, Horror) Synopsis- A girl makes a pact with a strange crow-woman to free herself from the clutches of her lecherous uncle.


18. Never, Ever, Land. (Young Adult, Horror) Synopsis- A loose adaption of Peter Pan featuring a tween-aged Tinker Bell who, with help from the Lost Boys, must save Never Land from a zombie apocalypse.

19. Ashes to Ashes. (Fantasy) Synopsis- While being transported to a prison camp a young girl comes to understand the real reason why her and her family are being held against their will.


20. The Exalted Ones. (Horror) Synopsis- A vampire, a zombie, and a werewolf, have a philosophical discussion about the evil part that they play in the world of man.

21. Tales of Were and Whoa. (Young Adult, Fantasy) Synopsis-A parallel story of two teenage girls and their sexual awakening in the not-so-natural world.

*22. The Violently Happy Times of Rebecca Stark. (Comedy, Fantasy) Synopsis- A woman is sent to a psychiatrist by her aging parents only to be prescribed a peculiar pill that drastically alters her life and reality.

23. One Lump or Two. (Comedy, Horror) Synopsis- An English girl refuses to let a gruesome murder ruin her perfect picnic.


*24. Clear As Mud. (Comedy, Horror) Synopsis- A man driving cross country tries to unravel the strange ramblings of a hitchhiker he has picked up, before it’s too late.

25. As ‘If’ You Like It. (Comedy) Synopsis- While rehearsing for the play Hamlet an actresses stage life begins to bleed into her real life.


26. Kashmir. (Fantasy) Synopsis- A child discovers magical items of clothing that transport her to unexpected lands.


27. Belladonna. (Horror) Synopsis- A young woman enrolls in a college which connects her with peculiar people of a similar pedigree.

*28. Empire State. (Drama) Synopsis- A boy decides to end his life in New York City, but while wandering the streets he meets an unusual character who just might change his mind.


*29. For the Love of the Fatherland. (Drama) Synopsis- In 1942 Germany, a young girl on her way to a Reichsbräuteschule (Riech Bride School) reminisces about all of the jews that disappeared from her neighborhood.


30. Plan C. (Horror) Synopsis- A woman plans her elaborate suicide, but when a ghost interferes to save her things get complicated.


31. Recreational Shoplifter. (Young Adult) Synopsis- Two boys compete to take a girl to the school dance by means of a shoplifting contest.


*32. The Invisibility Syndrome. (Psychological Horror) Synopsis- A woman’s brother visits her in a psych ward in order to convince her that her invisible friend is just a figment of her imagination. But is he?

33. The Black Curtain of E. Zann. (Horror) Synopsis- A loose adaption of H.P. Lovecraft’s, The Music of Erich Zann. A metaphysics student becomes obsessed by a violinist who plays alluring music and lives on the floor above him.

34. The Interloper Accord. (Sci-Fi) Synopsis- A family of a young boy struggles to make their way out of the desert as a strange force tries to overtake them.


35. Something Blue. (Horror) Synopsis- A man who is haunted by the ghost of his ex-fiance gets more than he bargained for when he begins dating a woman who can speak with the dead.

*36. The Swan Queen. (Young Adult, Drama, Fantasy) Synopsis- In the early 1900’s, a young farm girl takes comfort in the company of a plucky goose as she struggles to deal with her mother’s job as an abortionist.


*37. Night Splayed Out. (Horror) Synopsis- A group of burglars get more than they bargained for when they enter the house of a deeply depraved family.


38. The Library at Sixth and Calamity. (Young Adult, Horror) Three pre-teens battle a group of evil librarians for control to the gates of hell which are hidden inside the Sixth Street Library.


39. Island of the Blind. (Fantasy, Drama) Synopsis- An aristocratic wife of a navy admiral must fight for survival when she becomes shipwrecked on a curious island where all the inhabitants have lost their sight.

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40. Rock, Paper, Scissors. (Horror, Comedy) Synopsis- At the dawn of the zombie apocalypse a group of campers think of inventive ways to avoid living.


41. Trick or Treat. (Horror, Comedy) Synopsis- On All Hallow’s Eve an inexperienced father takes his son trick or treating. To his wife’s dismay he brings home the wrong little monster at the end of the night.


*42. Calavera. (Young Adult) Synopsis- A group of pre-teens make a pact, but when one of them unexpectedly changes their mind it disrupts the intended outcome in a startling way.

43. Sister Agatha’s Six Laws of the Apocalypse. (Horror) Synopsis- A nun invents new laws in order to deal with the spread of disease in apocalyptic times.


*44. Untitled Charles Manson and Dennis Wilson Project. (Drama, Thriller) Co-Written with T. Ramirez. Synopsis- Dennis Wilson picks up three female hitchhikers on a hot Summer night and quickly gets more than he bargained for.