Katherine Sainte Marie is an Actor, Writer, and Director whose earliest influences spring from a childhood of reading gothic novels and starry-eyed poetry. Her fascination with storytelling led her to major in film and television production.

With a love for fantasy and the macabre she started Questhaven Films in 2013, a boutique production company. The company has been dedicated to making genre shorts and limited series for the web, most of which have been low budget/proof of concept work.

She currently studies acting in San Diego and playwriting/screenwriting in Los Angeles. She divides her time between California and New Orleans, Louisiana.



PARTIAL ACTING RESUME (Full upon request)-


Re-Venge- Dir. Eric Ruiz

Darling, Darling, Wendy- Dir. Elise Robertson

The Nest- Dir. Yeeleng Xiong

Paper- Dir. Eric Birkemeirer

Ida's Flowers Funeral- Dir. K. Sainte Marie

The Companion- Dir. Charles Kudla

Freeway- Dir. Eric Smith


The Mousetrap- Lamplighters Theatre, San Diego

What the Butler Saw- Lamplighters Theatre, San Diego

Antony & Cleopatra- Lounge Theatre, Hollywood

The Glass Menagerie- Classical Theatre Lab, L.A.

Romeo & Juliet- Palomar Theatre, San Diego

Savage in Limbo- Stage L.A., Los Angeles

Harold Pinter's, A Night Out- Stage L.A., Los Angeles

Last Summer at Blue Fish Cove- Palomar Theatre, San Diego

Alice in Wonderland- Palomar Theatre, San Diego

The Midnight Zone- The Underground Theatre, Los Angeles

The Wild Duck (Stage Read)- Classical Theatre Lab, L.A.


Andrew Benne- Meisner Technique (Current, 2019)
Nikolai Guzov Studio- Michael Chekhov Technique (4 yrs.)
Ivana Chubbuck Studio- Scene Study w/ Michael Monks
John Kirby Studio- Advanced Scene Study
Jamison Haase (L.A. On-Camera)- On Camera Auditioning
Upright Citizens Brigade- Improv Intensive w/ Will McLaughlin
Classical Theatre Lab- Artistic Director- Alexander Wells
Dialects and Accents- Private study w/ Kathleen S. Dunn



A scene from Darling, Darling, Wendy.

A scene from Free Way.

Scene from an untitled audition.