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Katherine Sainte Marie is an actor, writer, producer, and director whose earliest influences spring from a childhood of reading gothic novels and starry-eyed poetry. Her fascination with storytelling led her to major in film and television production and minor in acting in Southern California, where she presently works in post-production for educational television.

In 2013 she began creating new media for young adult audiences for her Youtube channel, Fairytales for Lost Girlz. The channel has been dedicated to making low budget, proof of concept fairytales and fables reimagined through a modern lens.

More recently, under the banner of Questhaven Films, Katherine has moved into making films intended for the film festival circuit. Much of her writing and directorial work focuses on the world of adolescent girls and examines social issues such as self-harm, anorexia, drug addiction, mental illness, gang violence, and sexual assault.



  • BLACK METAL is a psychological drama that was workshopped in 2019 at the UCLA Extension screenwriter’s program. It centers on a teenage metal musician who after discovering her tragic beginnings rejects her adoptive parents and goes in search of her mysterious birth mother.

  • THE DARKEST SIDE OF THE RAINBOW is a nightmarish retelling of L. Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz about conspiracy and mind control.